Uchi-deshi in Japan under Hitohiro Saito Sensey lead.
Botov S.M. (Ivanovo), Kravchuk A.S.(Murmansk), Iwama, 2006.

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Botov S.M. in Tanrenkan dodjoWay to the sintoism templealong the way to the templeSintoism temple
Aiki Shrine stonenear the waterfallnear the waterfallMisogi
Aiki sacred object,
stone with water
Aiki-jinjaNear the martial arts
Morihiro Saito Memorial
Botov S.M. is getting
the 4th Dan Diploma
The Russians with Dan Diplomas
and Hitohiro Saito
Russian deshi group and
Hitohiro Saito
Uchi-deshi group in
Tanrenkan dodjo
with the Italian friendsRussian delegation
near Aiki-jinja
at festal tableFarewell party of the
Russians (sainara party)
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