Alessandro Tittarelli's seminar (7 Dan, Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Surenkai)
Ivanovo, January 5-7, 2007

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Takemusu Aiki Dento Iwama Ryu Ivanovo wants to express its gratitude to
Alessandro Tittarelli for the excellent seminar. We are also thankfull
to those who helped to orginize the seminar: Leonid Popov,
Vasily Ohapkin, Mikhail Ivanov, Aleksander Kravchuk
and others for their help and support.

Additional photos on
Alessandro Tittarelli's web-site

The beginning of the seminar1 suburi. Alessandro Tittarelli and
Roman Jachouev (translator)
Working moment of the seminarMoving from the line
of attack in 2 suburi
6 suburi. Body position
hitoemi doing tsuki
Alessandro Tittarelli explains
kokyu-ho in ki-no-nagare
Morote dori kokyu-ho
(uke Leonid Popov, Ivanovo)
9 jo no suburi
(Men uchi ushiro tsuki)
Irimi nage (uke Ivan Gusev, Ivanovo)One of variants how to get free
(uke A. Kravchuk, Murmansk)
General view of the seminarKoshi nage (uke Roman
Zolotuhin, Ivanovo)
Koshi nage from
another point of view
Working moment of the seminarAfter every keiko there was
15 minutes time for asking questions
Alessandro Tittarelli explained the importance of learning ki-hon by writing letter "A" on tatami several times
Special keiko from 3 KyuKata dori Dai Ikkyo,
body position "kenka goshi"
Detail explanation of
"Yokomen uchi Dai Ikkyo"
Alessandro Sensei shows a variation of "Dai Nikyo" on flexiable uke (Elena Chudakova)
Special keiko for black belts"Jusan no jo awase"
with 1 and 3 partners
Last taijutsu class,
working with two partners
"Futari dori" or
"Ninin dori" shiho nage
Jo nage (uke: Vincenzo
De Marinis, Italy)
Jo nage with kicking the legParty in "Degree of freedom" bar,
the table of instructors
A present for Alessandro Tittarelli
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