ETHAN MONNOT WEISGARD (5 DAN Iwama Aikido) in Ivanovo
October 22-23, 2005

The official representative of the Traditional Aikido in Denmark
leaded the first seminar in Ivanovo!

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Ethan seemed to be very friendly man,
who has lambent sence of humour
About 140 people were participating
in seminar
koku ho technique by Ethan
(uke is Victor Kazarin, St. Petersburg)
hand position - tegatana
Ikkyo (uke is Ermilov Pavel, Ivanovo)Elena Chudakova interprets Ethan's speechEthan Weisgard answers Ivanovo
student club questions
interconnection of the weapon techniques and empty hands Ken-Taijutsu no Riai (uke is Batalov A)
When there were people in hakama
only on tatamy it looked very impressive
Ethan shows "Iron ring"
hands position
Ikke technique in low stand
(uke is Kazarin V, St. Petersburg)
Suwari waza kokyu ho
(uke Popov Leonid, Ivanovo)
Ethan shows Jo-no-kamae position
(uke is Kazarin V, St. Petersburg)
Old Jo-no-riai variationsBotov S.M. Ivanovo club Head instructorUpper Jo position (uke Gureev E. Moscow)
Seminar working atmosphere is
felt very good on this photo
6 movement Kata with imaginary joThe last class of the
weapon high level
Ethan answers Aikido
students questions
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