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Iwama Aikido Video

This section contains video materials related to the
development of Aikido Iwama in Ivanovo.

(sorted by date)

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download Director Aikido Federation Ivanovo region SM Bots continues to improve his skills. The level of students is also increasing. It was noted Hitohiro Sensei Saito, who was awarded Sergei Mikhailovich 6th Dan Dento Iwama Ryu. We heartily congratulate !!!.
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4,14 Mb. Duration 15 seconds. WMV file format.
download In April 2006 the Festival devoted to the 15th anniversary of Russian martial arts in Ivanovo took place. On the video Botov S.M. demonstrates oyo-waza Iwama Style. Ukemi-Leonid Popov, Ermilov Pavel, Ivanov Michail, Surin Ivan.
Format WMV, duration 1.47 min . (8,90 Mb)
download April, 17 2005. Botov S.M. demonstrates Buki waza Iwama Style at the Festival of Martial Arts. Ukemi-Leonid Popov, Ermilov Pavel. Format WMV, duration 1.38 min, 5,88 Mb.
download April,17 2005. Martial Arts Festival. Botov S.M. demonstrates Taijutsu. Ukemi-Leonid Popov, Ermilov Pavel.
Format WMV, duration 1.3min . 5,41 Mb
download April, 17 2005. Martial Arts Festival which included demonstration programs of applied systems in Ivanovo. Botov S.M. ( 3 dan ) demonstrates Jyu Waza with two attackers. Format WMV, duration 0.3 min, 2,12 Mb
download March, 2005. Botov S.M. demonstrates Kuminage at a training in Ivanovo dojo. Format AVI., duration 0.50 min, 7,41 Mb.
download February, 23 2002. Aikido demonstration devoted to the Day of Russian Army. Botov S.M. demonstrates tanto-dori. ( real hunting knife was used ). The uke wasn't hurt during the demonstration.
Format WMV, duration 1.5min . 4,28 Mb
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