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About aikido club. Aiki Shuren Dojo Ivanovo

Aiki Shuren Dojo Ivanovo is one of the first Iwama Ryu clubs in Russia. It was started by, and is successfully developing due to the efforts of Sergey Botov (Shihan Dai, 6 Dan Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shurenkai). The first training was held on the June 7, 1992.

Nowadays Ivanovo Aikido club counts more than 250 members, 80 of which own a black belt. Annually new members of the club are taken on. Over the course of its existence our club has become a big friendly family. Each student has the right and possibility to participate in international seminars of the world class aikido teachers.

The program of preparation includes trainings with weapons (sword, stick, knife) and without weapons, with one or several attackers, development of suppleness and staying power, reaction and balance. There is a possibility to undergo trainings in gyms with special equipment to perfect movements and atemi.

Newcomers are interviewed and treated individually by assistant instructors.

If you have made up your mind come and enjoy yourself!

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